Eco-Cool HVAC is now Maryland’s Exclusive Distributor of the HVAC Smart Chip!


indexLocated in beautiful downtown Bel Air, MD, Eco-Cool HVAC™ specializing in energy efficient comfort cooling systems, provides quality heating, air conditioning and refrigeration installation and maintenance services to Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Harford County and all of Central Maryland.

The HVAC Smart Chip monitors how long the AC unit runs, then automatically programs the fan to continue running until all of the cold air left in the ducts has been delivered to the rooms. While some AC manufacturers program the fan to run for 90 seconds after the AC compressor turns off, recent testing by the California Energy Commission shows an average 14.8% improvement in efficiency with extended run time. The extended fan time reduces the number of times the AC compressor cycles on—one of the worst energy guzzlers in both commercial and residential buildings.


Most furnace manufacturers program the fan to continue running for 90 seconds at the end of combustion cycle. This slows the cooling of the combustion chamber and prevents metal fatigue from rapid expansion and contraction. There is, however, additional heat left in the system that can be used to warm your home or business. The HVAC Smart Chip monitors how long the furnace runs, then activates the furnace fan at the end of the combustion cycle to stay on for up to 8 minutes longer. The additional fan run time extracts more heat from the furnace, resulting in less waste and less run furnace time, saving an average of 11.8% in energy costs.